Drawers individual
From the silverware drawer organisers to the knife block, everything is made of high-quality oak wood processed with the traditional smoking technique. A unique atmosphere is created by the interplay of high-gloss white lacquered or glass frames and the omission of side pieces.
The cosmos in a kitchen drawer is so many-sided, just like life itself. But ALNO offers you an ingenious »Simplifying strategy«. How does that work? It’s very easy: You tell us what you want and we do the planning – every single width, depth and height. You can’t have it any more individual than that, can you!
Drawers and pull outs
The high-quality solid oak inserts can be combined in a whole variety of ways. Each drawer can be flexibly and individually fitted with cutlery inserts, multifunction inserts and trays. Multifunction inserts can be combined with roll holders, knife holders or spice racks. Anthracite mats underscore the elegance of these inserts.
Drawers individual