One area of your kitchen has a particularly hard job to handle every single day and that’s why it deserves special attention. Trash and cleaning agents are frequently stored under the sink. Everything must be perfectly organised here so that nothing touches or mixes. ALNO provides a helping hand. Beginning with the stainless steel enclosure in the sink floor cabinet and ending with practical and well-arranged waste separation systems in well-organized floor cabinets which handle waste separation perfectly.
Pull outs
It’s amazing how many different built-in kitchen devices have to be combined with each other during planning. Your appliances come from different, well known manufacturers and each has its own specifications and dimensions for floor cabinets. Built-in sinks, exhaust hoods and many other devices create even more variety. And now for the good news: ALNO always has the right cabinet! Whether you select new appliances or keep your old oven - ALNO has the solution. And if not, the solution is designed especially to your requirements. At a reasonable price.