Your personal data (e.g. title, name, address, e-mail address, phone number) are processed by us in compliance only with the provisions of the German Data Protection Act. The following regulations provide you with information as to the type, scope and purpose of data collection, processing and utilisation of personal data. This data protection declaration refers only to our websites. If you are forwarded via links on our sites to other sites, please inform yourself on these sites as to how your data is handled.

Automatic Data Acquisition
For technical reasons the following data, among other things, transmitted to us from your internet browser, are recorded:
- browser type and version
- operating system used
- website from which you visit us  (referrer URL)
- website which you are visiting
- date and time of your access
- your internet protocol (IP) address.

These anonymous data will be stored separately from the personal information that you might have submitted and thus admits no conclusions on a certain person. They will be evaluated for statistical purposes so that we are able to optimize our internet presence and online services. These data are deleted after evaluation.

Request for Information
 (1) Your personal data will be used exclusively for the processing of catalogues. For example, for the delivery of the goods your name and your address have to be passed on to the supplier. Without your explicit approval or without a legal basis your personal data will not be forwarded  to any third party outside the contract.
(2) By order of the appropriate authorities we will be permitted in an individual case to provide information on inventory data if this is necessary to carry  out prosecution  proceedings, to enable the police forces of the German federal states to prevent crimes, to fulfil the statutory tasks of the constitution protection authorities of the German federal government, the German federal states, the Federal Intelligence Services or Military intelligence, or to assert intellectual property rights.

Informationen about Cookies
In its original form a cookie is a text file in a computer. Typically it contains data on the websites visited which the browser software stores while surfing in the internet. A cookie enables the user to visit an encrypted website repeatedly without having to log-in again – the cookie informs the computer visited that he has already been there. Cookies are however visible to the user and can be deleted. Technically a cookie is a file which is used for the temporary storage of information. The content consists of at least two constituent parts, its name and the contents (value). Furthermore, many cookies have a self deletion date. Often the browser will store cookies in the form of a readable text file, but partly also in the form of a SQLite database. Basically we can differentiate two different types of cookie, so-called session cookies which are deleted as soon as you close your browser and temporary/permanent cookies which  are stored  on  your computer for a longer period of time or for an unlimited period of time. The cookies that we use are automatically deleted again from your hard disk  at the end of your browser session, hence the name session cookies.
They are used to optimize our internet presence and online services. No personal data are collected by these cookies.

Analytics Services
Our web site uses Piwik; this is a so-called web analysis service. Piwik uses so-called “cookies”; these are text files which are stored on your computer and which enable us to analyse use of the website. For this purpose the information that the cookie generates about the use of our website (including your abbreviated IP-address) is transferred to our server and stored for the purpose of evaluating your use of our website which then allows us to optimise the website. During this process your IP-address is immediately anonymised so that you as a user remain anonymous for us. The information generated by the cookie about your use of this website will not be forwarded to third parties. You can prevent the use of cookies using the appropriate settings in your browser software; it could be, however, that in such a case you might not be able to use all functions of this website to their full extent.

Indication on the lack of confidentiality with internet communication
Please note that when communicating via the internet (e. g. by e-mail) no complete confidentiality and data security can be ensured. For this reason we recommend  sending confidential information by post.

On request you will be provided with information as to the data stored about your person or your pseudonym via the following e-mail address